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Pheno Hunt 7.2% DIPA, Paradigm 8.4% West Coast DIPA, Wërk 5% German style Pils, Ken's Tmave Pivo 5% Czech style Dark Lager, Static Limitation 7.5% DIPA, Stone Clover 6.9% Double Milk Stout, Self Explanatory 5% Dry Stout, English Dark Mild 4.9% Dark Mild, Easy Button 5.9% West Coast Pale Ale, Sacks 6.8% Dry Hopped Imperial Pale Ale, Fluff Monster 6% IPA, Chooch 7.2% Saison, Local Hell 5% Helles Style Lager, CØLLECT 7.5% DDH DIPA, Along the River Rhine 5% Kölsch Style Ale, Double Fluff 7.7% DDH DIPA, Ferndale Weisse 4.4% Berliner Style Weisse, Black Is Beautiful 5% Black Pils, Perpetual Fog 7% DDH DIPA, Märzenbier 5.5%, Afternoon In Bavaria 7.2% Pale Weizenbock, I VOTED TODAY 5.8% DDH Pale Ale, Iteration VI 7.7% DDH DIPA, Michigan Fluff 6% IPA, Abbey Style Blonde 7%, Riwaka 5.5% DDH Pale Ale, Dark Mild 4.9%, Strawberry Booch 0.5%, Dew Dropper 5.5% DH Pale Ale, Capitulation 9.2% Honey Tripel-ish, Maatilalta 7.2% Rye Saison, Ginger Booch 0.5%, Triple Fluff 9.5% Triple IPA, Prince Junior 6% Robust Porter, Will We Ever Hug Again 11.5% Buffalo Trace BBA Imperial Stout, Finster 5.5% Dunkel Lager, Stone Clover 5.5% Cream Stout, Apple Lemon Ginger Booch 0.5%, Kaiser 5% Frankish Kellerbier, Iteration VII 7.7% DDH DIPA, Kveik Dropper 6% Kveik Pale Ale, Odle 5% Dry Hopped Italian Style Pils, IV 11.5% Belgian Dark Ale, Fog Life 6% DDH IPA, Perp-Cognito 7.5% DDH DIPA