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At Urbanrest, we make beer, kombucha, cider and sparkling wine.

The taproom was designed to bring the customer in to the process with an open and inviting floor plan. You can’t help but feel (and even see) the magic happening inside the fermenters around you.

Our small 7bbl system was designed with reclaimed dairy tanks at the heart of the operation. We found these at local farms and are excited to bring them new life as fermenters, hot/cold liquor tanks and more. We’ve went through multiple expansions in our nearly four years since opening and have begun to purchase some shiny new conicals as well as a couple beautiful horizontal tanks too! The rest of our equipment was either rebuilt or reclaimed by us or sourced from local artisans and craftspeople.

In staying true to our roots, we’ve kept up the tradition of both horizontal and open style (non-pressurized) fermentation. We’ve got a mix of conicals and both open and closed horizontal tanks fermenting a variety of different products. This helps to provide the yeast an ideal environment for flavor and ester formation.

The diversity of flavors within the range of fermentation is nearly unfathomable. We love to experiment making many different styles from around the world.. Traditional Saison to Stout, Barrel-Aged Quad to Czech Dark lagers, and of course IPA. The diversity of styles is immense and we intend to tackle them all and exploring their inner workings. You can typically see 4-8 different yeast strains on our tap list at any given time!

Our beer comes to you directly from the serving tanks and kegs in which it conditions, so it’s always rotating and it’s always fresh.

Kombucha is an ancient tea fermented with a culture of bacteria and yeast called a SCOBY. It is slightly sweet, effervescent and tart. It’s also high in B Vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics.

We experiment with many blends of Tea from Ceylon Black to Yoonan Gold combined with a variety of organically produced fruit, herbs and spices.

We’re constantly looking to evolve and grow so stay tuned for more delicious beer, cider, kombucha and fermentation experiments from Urbanrest.

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