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We brew and serve classical new age beers, kombucha, spontaneous cider and sparkling wine. We currently offer two rotating charcuterie boards options. One meat friendly and one vegetarian.

We have a steady flow of food trucks/pop-ups serving delicious grub typically 3-5 days per week. We also allow you to bring in outside food if you’d like. Order up a pizza and head on up! Our full schedule of events is available on the Facebook events page.

Our goal as a neighborhood focused brewery is to serve the local community first, one pint at a time. Right now, the products we make are primary served onsite, with some cases/kegs going to a few hand selected accounts; Holiday Market, 8 Degrees Plato, Western Market and Collect Beer Bar. We are typically canning fresh beers for you at least twice per month, with the occasional bottle release as well. Check our website for our current selection.

Growlers are available to-go as well as on-site consumption of beer and kombucha in various sizes in our tasting room. We brew on a small scale, helping us keep the beer incredibly fresh, constantly rotating but with a diverse range of styles.

At Urbanrest, we’re flavor explorers on the path to enlightenment. Madly in love with fermentation and all the amazing flavors that go along with it. We’re very fortunate to be a part of a community that embraces our pursuit and appreciate you all joining us on this journey.

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