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Urbanrest Brewing Company was founded in 2015 in the historical neighborhood of Ferndale, Michigan. In 1890, the land in which our building stands was known as “Urbanrest” until Ferndale was officially declared a Village in 1918. We’re proud to call this place home and are excited to join a flourishing community of talented artisans and craftspeople.

We’re a small neighborhood brewery with a tasting room that services the awesome local folks and the surrounding Detroit area. We brew and serve beer and kombucha as well as an array of rotating charcuterie boards.

We have a steady flow of food trucks serving delicious grub just about every night we are open. Order your food outside, bring it in, and enjoy it with a brew.

Our brewing philosophy is pretty straight forward. We aim to make the best beer and kombucha possible, not take ourselves too seriously and to constantly evolve & get better. You’ll get an ever-changing array of flavors to choose from with a focus on freshness and drinkability.

We’re not trying to be the next big brewery, our goal is to serve the local community first, one pint at a time. As we grow, we may end up choosing to distribute but for now we are limiting draft distribution to very few local accounts and special events only. No bottles or cans, just a few kegs.

Growlers are available to-go as well as on-site consumption of beer and kombucha in various sizes in our tasting room. We brew on a small scale, helping us keep the beer incredibly fresh with as many options as possible.

At Urbanrest, we consider ourselves flavor explorers on the path to enlightenment. We’re madly in love with fermentation and all the amazing flavors that go along with it and are very fortunate to be a part of a community that loves it as well.

We appreciate you joining us on this journey.