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Our spacious taproom at Urbanrest has a limited capacity, and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. We believe its the only fair way to do things.

Our space is designed to bring the consumer in to the brewing process while also providing a comfortable atmosphere to spend time with friends, engage in conversation and enjoy the fruits of our brewing labor.

We offer house-made charcuterie boards with meat and cheese from local producers. We have food trucks/pop-ups 3-5 days per week as well! You can order outside, bring your food in and sit down & enjoy a beer. Easy.

We serve in 5oz sample, 12oz and 16oz sizes at various price ranges. Growler fills are also available to go as well as a variety of canned/bottled beer and kombucha options.

We tried our best to create an efficient filling process to make picking up a Growler of our beer as quick and painless as possible. First, check the board for today’s fill options. If you don’t have a bottle, both 750ml and 2L sizes are available for purchase. We also fill 32oz and 64oz growlers from any other brewery for the price of the 750ml and 2L.

If you’d like a small sample of something before you buy, we are happy to accommodate.

Our growlers are filled to order to maintain freshness. A blanket of CO2 purges out unwanted oxygen from the container ensuring a quality fill and giving us the peace of mind that you’ve received a beer that won’t break down quickly. Please keep your growler cold, drink it fresh and do not age. Growlers are a perishable product.

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